DGEL x JINI : Painting Gel Collection (14+1)

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Description :
DGEL ✕ JINI Painting Gel, a collaboration born from the fusion of creativity and expertise between DGEL KOREA and nail artist, JINI @jininailstudio. This exceptional 14 colour + 1 clear art gel collection is designed to inspire and empower nail enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing a diverse range of gel colours specially crafted for intricate and delicate nail art.

Each shade within DGEL ✕ JINI Painting Gel collection has been meticulously selected to complement Jini's artistic vision, ensuring a harmonious blend of hues that lend themselves perfectly to fine details and intricate designs. From vibrant jewel this collection offers essential shades that will ignite your creativity and elevate your nail art to new heights.

With Jini’s expert guidance, these gels boast a formula that is specifically tailored for precision and control. The consistency strikes the perfect balance, allowing you to effortlessly manipulate the gel to create intricate lines, delicate gradients, and captivating patterns. Experience the freedom to express your creativity with confidence, knowing that each brushstroke will be met with precision and finesse.

*Important: Full Set includes 14 Gel Colours + 1 Clear Art Gel in a Storage Case. JINI Gold & Silver is not included in the Full Set

Type :
Medium Viscosity. Perfect for Hand-drawn Arts.

How to Use :
Apply Base Coat, Cure. Then Apply Art Gel Colour and Cure for 60 to 120 seconds . Finish off by securing gel colour with Top Coat.

Size :
4g / Jar


Made in Korea.


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Ive only used a couple times but I love the color payoff and such cute packaging!