DGEL x DISNEY : Art Painting Gel Collection (12+3)

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Description :
DGEL ✕ DISNEY Art Painting Set, a collaboration that brings the magic and wonder of beloved Disney characters to your fingertips. Created in partnership with Disney Korea, this collection is designed to inspire and delight, offering a range of nail art options that capture the essence of timeless Disney stories and characters.

Step into a world of wonder and nostalgia with our Disney Character Nail Art Collection. Each design pays homage to the iconic personalities and endearing qualities of these beloved Disney characters. From the playful charm of Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the lovable adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, this collection is a tribute to the rich storytelling and enchanting worlds brought to life by Disney.

*Bonus Gift : Pure Black & Pure White JINI Painting Pots & Tin Storage Box. While Supplies Last

UPDATE: The Disney Painting Gels made it’s final production. This collection will be Discontinued once inventory sells out. Order before they are sold-out for good!

Curing Time :

60 seconds UV/LED Light

Size :
4g / Jar

Made in Korea.

*This product is produced under Official Licence Agreement between Disney Korea & DGEL. Please check the official Disney mark on the packaging.


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