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Description :
Besides being no sanding, what's the difference between original Protect clear FUJI and FUJI EX?

  • Different cured hardness from Original FUJI, making EX especially suitable for fill-in services.
  • EX is more durable and has less water absorption than the original, so it is a fantastic option for clients handling water often.
  • Quicker self-level without flowing to the skin.

EX offers optimal longevity, the same as Original FUJI.


Base Max: No sanding base. Ideal when you don't want to add thickness; therefore a fantastic choice to use over enhancements. The very watery texture makes it easy to fill pocket-lifting spots as well. 

Protect Clear FUJI: Requires sanding. Excellent for priming unsmooth natural nails. All-around base gel for soak-off and fill-in services. 

Protect Clear FUJI EX: No sanding base. Perfect for fill-in services and for clients who handle water often. 

Black Line base: Requires sanding. Brush on application cuts down the service time.

Type : High Viscosity

How to Use :
Prep natural nails as per usual, then apply this base gel. Cure for 60 seconds under UV/LED Light

Size :
4ml / 25ml Jar


Made in Japan. 

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