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Description :
Kokoist's advanced nail repair gel, a revolutionary solution for restoring strength and vitality to your cracked and chipped nails!

Infused with resilient nylon fibers, this super saver gel is designed to fortify and rejuvenate damaged nails.

Also comes as a Natural Colour, click here.

Curing Time :
60-120 seconds UV/LED Light

Size :
4g Pod

Made in Japan.


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Customer Reviews

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Lifesaver! Worth every penny

when I remove my gel from my nails for more than a day or two I inevitably get tears and other damage. This time around because they were longer a got a big tear far down and it would be too painful to remove fully. I bought this in hopes of saving it and letting the tear grow out to a more reasonable place.

So far a couple of days in and it's been working really well. The tear is held in place and no longer catches on things (like clothing or hair) and feels pretty strong. Definitely will hold up to my next set of gels without weakening the overall structure.

I will be using this a lot for inbetween sets when I let my nails get a breather. Will also save me the time of regrowing out the length because I've broken them all or ripped them.