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Description :
Introducing DGEL Full Signature Gel Color Collection features an extensive array of colors, from soft and understated neutrals to bold and vibrant statement shades. Discover the perfect hue to suit any occasion, mood, or personality. Whether you're seeking classic elegance, trendy sophistication, or a touch of whimsy, our collection has it all.

A treasure trove of limitless possibilities for your nail art adventures. Get ready to indulge in an extensive selection of hues, finishes, and effects, all meticulously crafted to elevate your manicures to new heights of beauty and style.

This Full Signature Colour set comes with :
- 1 x Acrylic display board
- 100 clear nail tips (not pre-painted)
- 2 x DGEL Signature Base Coat
- 2 x DGEL Signature Top Coat

*KIOKO Bonus Gift: 1 x DGEL Unicorn Top Gel, 100 x Glass Swatch Beads, 1 x KIOKO Mini LightStick ($62 Value)

Opaque Cream Colour

How to Use :
Apply Base Coat, Cure. Then Apply Gel Colour and Cure for 60 seconds . Finish off by securing gel colour with Top Coat.

Size :
12ml Bottle


Made in Korea.  

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