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Description :
Introducing 3mm Sanding Band for Nails: Perfect for Smaller Nail Beds

Are you searching for the ideal tool to achieve flawless nails, even on smaller nail beds? Look no further! We proudly present our 3mm Sanding Band, specially designed to meet the needs of nail enthusiasts with petite nail beds, providing precise and efficient results. Our 3mm Sanding Band is meticulously crafted to cater to those with smaller nail beds. Its slim design ensures ease of use, allowing for precise nail shaping and refinement without any hassle.

Our Small Sanding Bands comes in three grit types: Fine, Medium, Coarse.

Fine (240 grit) : Excellent for Nail Prep. Gently remove shine from the natural nail plate.
Medium (150 grit) : Ideal tool to prep the nail plate, reshape artificial nail products, remove gel polish, and prep gel extensions.
Coarse (120 grit) : Perfect for hard gel removal and reshaping artificial nail products

Packaging :
Sanding Band comes in a box of 100 pcs. Mandrel can be sold separately.


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Customer Reviews

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Minh Dang
Must have!!!

Clean the cuticle very well

Very Handy - 10/10 Recommend

I wasn't sure I wanted to try this out at first but glad I bought this. Great for getting into tighter spaces that a regular sanding band can't reach easily or without causing damage to the skin. I got the fine grit bands and they're great for my thin nails. I'm no expert when it comes to e-files so having the smaller band gives me more confidence in my control